I don’t really know what actually means for you, but to me it means a lot of different things. First of all is a why to grow our knowledges, yes because we always learn from people met and from the history and the culture of a place. To me travel it means also looking inside and growing the understanding of who I am, I am still not sure, but I guess I have time, or at least I hope to figure it out. Finally but not less important is that travel for me it means have fun and enjoy my life.

You would ask why that title, well I need to explain which kind of traveller I am before you would even think to follow me in this adventure that is a bit out of my field to.

So let’s start present myself I am  a culinary student that is soon gonna graduate and has a strong desire of visit the world. You would say with my job I have a lot of possibilities working in different countries seasonally, well I will be honest this is also one of the reason why I chose this path. Going back to us my ideal journey is the one made alone, living the city like an habitants of it. looking the secret and less known spot that make the city special to whom is living there more then to who visit it.


For now I guess is enough for you to know, so let’s get start this journey.

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