13 Days Winter Backpacking Europe


Behind a trip there is always a planning or at least there should be. Unfortunately, or fortunately if you are adventurous, out of time and in a hurry the only thing planned was to travel around Europe. Prepared the huge backpack was not easy, there was hardly place for the book or the diary where to write my adventure.


But what is a journey without a good book to keep our company?? Well personally I found this like the most difficult part of the planning, decide which one to bring with me. At the end the choice felt on “Into the wild” probably more famous for the movie tha the book.

Going back to us one of the most important part of my planning was looking at the interrail map chosing the city and after a while I decided them: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Abisko, Amsterdam, Paris and Bern. Obviously or better to make the journey more fun I didn’t book any accommodation.

Well since the planning was so unplanned there is not much more to say. Let’s keep updated with the journey diary.

To be continued…….

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