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Let’s start this diary, we are on the road or better on the trail.

Wake up at 4 am to take the train is never easy, but the excitment, beacause I can’t call it n another way, is so much that basically didn’t allow me to sleep.

Ahead of me there is a complete day a of travel, alone andmaybe for the stress maybe for the excitment I jump on the train 15 min before the time of depature. I look for a nice place where hopefully I can get some rest, but is difficult since the train is almost empty.

I sit and start looking at the people that fastly are running up and down from the train to go to work or school. A girl especially caught my attention sitted all alone reading a newspaper I think she is about my age, she stays on the train like me till Zurich and during all the time she stays estraneous to the rest of the world that is running around us, she gives me a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Unfortunately in the Zrich station I lost her, well I have no time to look for her, running with my heavy backpack I have to catch the train for Hambourgh.

A long journey and day is ahead of me, especially with the only company of a book and a diary. I am sitted reading while a middle age woman started talking to me interested in my story, I was so happy to talk with someone and she was interesting. A teacher of filoshopy in a college ad Hambourgh, we talked for all the journey about books and litterature, and I was so happy that the time flied.

Arrived I have to wait, because unfortunaly my train to Copenaghen was cancelled, but what is an interrail without unexpected events?? Sitted on a bench I wait for my train while looking at the people moving around me happy and sad, fastly or slowly, but a young girl of my age caught my attention. I took my train and fortunately the girls got on the same and she sitted next to me. She is blond, young with a smiling face, and as soon as she sitted she started working the wool and talking with me. She is a student in Copenaghen and differently from all the young people she told me she doesn’t have any mobile or television, her life is all about book and newspapers. I was so surprised to hear that and so amazed, but stupidily I didn’t ask her name. She kept me company for all the last 3 trains to Copenaghen where I arrived at 1.40 am.

There my cousin with a friend was waiting for me and bringing me home to a nice rest ready to visit the city the day after.


(That is  basically a diary and I hope you read it like it taking it for the story is)


To be continued…

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