After a long day on the train nothing better that a chilled visit of the city. Waked up, my cousin and I started walking around the city or better I followed him along the city’s roads looking around the beautiful houses and monuments. We started walking to the old port while talking about thousands of different topic (was almost 8 month we were not seeing each other).


Walking around was so nice, looking the people around me (mostly tourists), the most beautiful thing was seeing all the coloured houses even if probably would be even better with the snow. Walking down on the side of the canal till the “Opera theater” taking breathtaking pictures and from there to the royal palaces. Everywhere on the road was full of people and bicycles. Meanwhile my cousin was doing the tourist guide explaining me all what he knew about the city, but mostly talking about the quality of the life in the city and what it means living there and how difficult it is finding a house. From there we continued to Christiania where I spent also the afternoon, that is absolutely my favourite quartiers, you can liberally smoke and chilling, but the best part is that there people leave in a community like hippie in coloured and partially dismissed houses.

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After a nice afternoon spent chilling on Christiania’s lake side I went eating chinese on the roads looking at people walking around especially young people getting ready to party all the night. Lonely staying on a bench around the city writing my diary and drinking a beer I waited my cousin and his friend to finish work and go out for a cocktail together. I went to picking them up at the restaurant where they work and all together we reached a cosy music pub with Amazing cocktails of the most various flavours, but tired we left the local pretty early ready for the next day.


To be continued…


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