Is hard to wake up with fewhour of sleep, but the morning is the best time to enjoy a city, I started walking for the center and getting lost in the small lateral roads looking for nice spot where to take pictures for my memories. The best part is walking under the small snow due to the high cold (there are – 6° C), but the city is still not white unfortunately only full of ice of the slightly melted snow. I actually don’t know how, but there are plenty of bicycles running on the iced roads, if I have to try to ride one probably I would be with the face on the pavement in few meters.

Let’s get back to us, walking up and down for the roads alone with the camera is amazing I would take pictures at every corner, but I am not a good photographer and I need to save space on the memory for the next cities.


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Without even understanding it I ended up again chilling at Christiania, you would say how is possible, well the love for this quartier is so high that I don’t mind, I just sat at one table and started talking with two students there smoking. It was really nice and they were telling me about their litterature studies, they actually fed my interests in the nordic literature.

In that way all the morning passed really fast. In a moment of distraction I looked up the sky where now the sun was shining like I have never seen in this two days, but the temperatures where still low and eating my kebab sat on the stairs was not a good idea, my butt was badly freezing. Not even all the layers of dresses I was wearing were keeping away the humidity and temperautres of this lovely city.

In the afternoon I took the road to the little mermaid, but I stooped before at the so called Castellet where laying on the iced grass I chilled for a couple of hours, and almost felt asleep. Was so nice being there on the side of iced cold canals where the brunches of the threes were frozen in and feel like being part of a tale.

Now the sunlight is already disappearing, so is time for me to go back to the city and take a shower before going out partying for the night. On the road back to my cousin appartment in the main square I found amazing street artists singing Ed Sheran’s songs in shorts and t-shirt and I start feeling cold only looking at them. They were amazing, but they were not the only one catching the attention of the pubblic , there were also a couple of circensis girls playing with fire and a really nice street painter just outside the Victoria Secrets store were a long line of girl was standing who knows why.


I stopped looking at this performers for about half an hour and then back to home for a fast hot shower and out again to eat chinese with an old friend from school. With her after I went to the same pub of the night before waiting for my cousins and his collegueas, we starting catching up after 1 year and a half not seeing each other and it was so nice. Together we started drinking a couple of cocktail that became 6 or 7 when also the rest of the group arrived and sat at the table,  we were probably the loudest table in the bar and the owner was continuosly serving us Sambuca. In that way we end up quite drunk and falling asleep at home was really easy seen the hour and the alchool in the body, but my cousin and I have to leave in the morning and rest to be well rested for visiting Stockholm.


I think I felt in love for this city.


To be continued….

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