Early morning when we passed the border, taking the train showing the ID even before the ticket and this just to go to Stockholm, yes is 5 hours train, but Danmark is not so far from Sweden. My cousin and I left with the student and worker train, so unfortunately with really few seats available, and with my ticket I didn’t deserve any, reason why I spent almost 4 out of the 5 hours standing trying to read my book. was actually not easy, but I managed it and arrived in Stockholm I was so happy, my first time there,

We walked out the station and straight to the hostel to leave the luggage, from there all around the city. The roads where still a bit white from the rest of the snow that trucks and camions moved to clean them.

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The canals were frozen with blocks of ice, yes because at the end the city was way colder than Copenhagen and that was terrible. After few hours walking and getting lost between the roads of the city my cousin and I got to enter a pub just to feel again the fingers and the nose halfway frozen. The houses and the constructions were amazing, but even nicer were views and landscapes, and I enjoyed particularly the fact the streets were empty and I could talk with my cousin about everything.

One disappointing thing was that I didn’t see the nice swedish blond girls that everyone is talking about, but overall I loved so much the city and everything, and I couldn’t wait to see it in the morning.

The night in the hostel was not really relaxing, because the roommates continuously entered and left the room turning on and off the lights, bumping into the beds and making noise, but this is part of the adventure of not??


To be continued….

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