After the troubled night the day started at the top with a burning coffee to help us get ready for the long day ahead. The bags are already prepared and we walked trough the city roads like the day before and we reached the further islands that compose Stockholm, the one with all the museums. Reaching it was not easy we got lost on the road a couple of time ending up on the island before, with only a small church and a green park. all the city parks were slightly white for a tiny layer of snow completely frozen. That color gave to the city a magical aspect and made even more spiritual effect to the visit, and obviously made it also even more dangerous because walking on the grass was like skating on the ice only with a pair of shoes instead of skates.

All the island we slowly visited were empty, probably because everyone was at work, just a few people were jogging all around the dock. The best part was that my cousin and I were struggling standing up and walking normally, while this nordic athletes were running next to us. taking picture in this iced cold city was not easy even the camera was suffering going low of battery and partially freezing the lens, or at least the steam on it.

But here are some of the results:

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After a huge kebab for lunch, that was more needed for the temperature and make the body recovery than for the hungry. We relaxed also a while visiting a music shop where a nice young girl with green hair was working and sticking poster of Metallica and other rock bands on the walls. Fro there we went straight to the observatory where two college girls were trying to climb the hill with disastrous results, falling on their buts basically almost every step of the stairs. Seeing this set was like a challenge for my cousin and I, in fact immediately we started climbing to reach the observatory, but the iced stairs were inaccessible, so we walked up on the grass and even if falling from time to time we reached the top. Descending was also not easy, but we managed it and in a relatively hurry, after collecting our bags we reached the station ready to take the night train to Abisko, but I will talk of the journey in the next episode.


To be continued and don’t forget to follow to be updated.

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