We left the hostel with the bags in the afternoon ready to catch a 16 hour train to reach Abisko, that for who doesn’t know is a small village in the North Sweden in Lapland on the20170117_094523 “Arctic polar trail”. The train was an old train a bit uncomfortable divided in comparts were we were sat with two other italians in honeymoon and a Swedish guy. Before living with the train I planned to read during the journey, but when it was the moment I just started staring at the people moving in the corridor of the wagon while I was writing my diary. There was a nice young girl about our age continuously running with new bottles of wine in the hands, I guess she was really thirsty, but she was drinking them alone so at one point we stopped her and started talked with her. She was quite drunk already, not that this stopped her from drinking even more while talking and telling us about her interrail to Kiruna in order to see the northern lights. Even if we were talking we completely forgot to ask the name, and we stopped when it was already almost midnight, and tired we decided to set up the bed ready to sleep.


Even if we had hard time to set them up, we handled and after that everything was settled up we went to sleep on this hard bed. The night was long to pass and not really resty, so already at about 6 in the morning we were already up looking outside the window the arctic night, when the Young girl come out from her compart and came to us talking again with a ukulele. She started also playing her instrument randomly with some sad songs that I didn’t know before.

Almost reached Kiruna when the most amazing sunrise I have ever seen showed up accompanied by the songs, and only with this scenario I saw how beautiful was this girl, well it was already to late.


We reached Kiruna and immediately she ran off even without saying goodbye, and we stayed for a while there while the train was checked out so we got of the train and started walking on the snowy pavement of the station, the landscape was already so amazing. After another almost endless hour of train we reached Abisko, but this is another story.



To be continued….

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