Before coming here I have never heard about this little village, but reached its small stationimg_0760 or better the two tracks that compose the station with a small building with a couple of chairs where to wait the trains. The only thing that was abundant was the snow, everywhere was white, nice and shiny that was basically reflecting the few light from the sky making look like sunlight.


The two of us got off the train and looked for the hotel, that was actually harder than expected even if the village is composed of few buildings. After walking for almost half an hour we ended up find our accommodation and there we left our bags. While waiting for the check in time dressed up for the arctic temperatures we started exploring the surroundings walking on the white roads empty, where from time to time a truck or a car were passing at high speed. I never thought they could go so fast on the snow, but they are expert of driving in this condition and this is why they can go so fast I guess.

Walking around on the snow was strange everything looked the same and get lost is a kind of easy so we decided to descend on the iced lake we walked till the middle and the idea of being on an iced lake made us quite happy and crazy. Unfortunately since the light was already disappearing even if was only 2 in the afternoon we decided to get back to the room to take a hot shower and rest for a while.

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After having unpacked our bags we went to Abisko Turistation, the national park about 2 km away from the village, but the arctic night was already came and with it a snow storm. We hardly managed to get there, but after an 1 hour we entered a little natural museum to make our bodies recovery from the cold temperatures and there a nice blonde girl welcomed us starting to talk. We spent there just one hour because it was too dark

and Dangerous going anywhere, so fighting we got back to take dinner and get ready to go and wait to see the famous Northern lights.

The dinner was based on typical dishes, reindeer smoked and poached fish and actually I felt for the quality of this food, but let’s go back, after it we went out again even more dressed since the temperature was about -11° C and there was strong wind. Slowly we descend to the lake where we waited for 3 hours to see the light, but unfortunately we just suffered a huge cold. So a bit disappointed for the unlucky we headed back to the hotel to sleep and getting rest to visit the national park the morning after before going back to Copenhagen.


To be continued…..

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