Waking up in Abisko was a bit dramatic, the cold from the night before was still in my body and the hours of sleep were not a lot. We packed again ready to leave with the train at 12.30 and after a fast breakfast we went again to the touristation where we walked around looking for the nice spots that the night before we couldn’t. Even if I was a little indisposed with intestinal problems my cousin helped me and we enjoyed the morning watching the Suomi village and the iced waterfalls.


The national park was actually really nice even if we could visit for just a couple of hour. I am just disappointed I couldn’t stay any longer to do the entertainment activities organized there to keep busy the turist, since there is not a lot to do. Slowly for my problem we went back to the village and to the hotel to get our luggage and bought some snacks for the journey we went to the trainstation where we waited for 10 minutes our train. At one point the speaker of the train station announced that our and all the trains of the day were cancelled, not that were a lot. We were blocked in Abisko without any chance to reach Stockholm in the day like from planning, so we went back to the hotel trying to make a new plan. There talking with the reception we figured out a couple was taking a taxi to go to Kiruna and we decided to share the taxi with them in order to save some money and getting closer to Stockholm. 20170117_164040

The weather was so bad, it could actually be considered a real storm with snow and wind, but this didn’t blocked completely the roads so the taxi could reach us and tread the 200 Km needed to get closer to our destination.The taxi arrived around 4 p.m. so after 2 hours of journey we reached Kiruna and was already quite late so everything was already closed. In a somehow with the help of Google maps we found a hostel and after stopping in a pharmacy for my little health inconvenient we arrived at the place and in a somehow we convinced the receptionist to give us two beds where to bunk for the night. I guess the snow storm and the long hours of waiting and travelling made us looking destroyed and tired so the receptionist felt pity for us, but I can only say thanks god he felt in that way.

While I was resting in my bed my cousin went out in the storm looking for his dinner and when he finally got bed early we went to sleep, to get ready the day after to try to find a way to reach Stockholm and then Copenhagen.


To be continued…..

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