Diary Winter Interrail: Day 1

Let's start this diary, we are on the road or better on the trail. Wake up at 4 am to take the train is never easy, but the excitment, beacause I can't call it n another way, is so much that basically didn't allow me to sleep. Ahead of me there is a complete day…Read more Diary Winter Interrail: Day 1

13 Days Winter Backpacking Europe

Planning Behind a trip there is always a planning or at least there should be. Unfortunately, or fortunately if you are adventurous, out of time and in a hurry the only thing planned was to travel around Europe. Prepared the huge backpack was not easy, there was hardly place for the book or the diary where…Read more 13 Days Winter Backpacking Europe

Would you like to travel with me??

Travel?? I don't really know what actually means for you, but to me it means a lot of different things. First of all is a why to grow our knowledges, yes because we always learn from people met and from the history and the culture of a place. To me travel it means also looking…Read more Would you like to travel with me??