Winter Interrail 2017: Day 7

Waking up in Abisko was a bit dramatic, the cold from the night before was still in my body and the hours of sleep were not a lot. We packed again ready to leave with the train at 12.30 and after a fast breakfast we went again to the touristation where we walked around looking for the…Read more Winter Interrail 2017: Day 7

Winter Interrail 2017: Day 6 Abisko

Before coming here I have never heard about this little village, but reached its small station or better the two tracks that compose the station with a small building with a couple of chairs where to wait the trains. The only thing that was abundant was the snow, everywhere was white, nice and shiny that…Read more Winter Interrail 2017: Day 6 Abisko

Winter Interrail 2017: Day 5/6

  We left the hostel with the bags in the afternoon ready to catch a 16 hour train to reach Abisko, that for who doesn't know is a small village in the North Sweden in Lapland on the "Arctic polar trail". The train was an old train a bit uncomfortable divided in comparts were we were sat with…Read more Winter Interrail 2017: Day 5/6

Winter Interrail 2017: Day 4 Stockholm

Early morning when we passed the border, taking the train showing the ID even before the ticket and this just to go to Stockholm, yes is 5 hours train, but Danmark is not so far from Sweden. My cousin and I left with the student and worker train, so unfortunately with really few seats available, and…Read more Winter Interrail 2017: Day 4 Stockholm

Winter Interrail 2017: Day 3 Copenaghen

Is hard to wake up with fewhour of sleep, but the morning is the best time to enjoy a city, I started walking for the center and getting lost in the small lateral roads looking for nice spot where to take pictures for my memories. The best part is walking under the small snow due…Read more Winter Interrail 2017: Day 3 Copenaghen

Diary Winter Interrail: Day 2 Copenaghen

After a long day on the train nothing better that a chilled visit of the city. Waked up, my cousin and I started walking around the city or better I followed him along the city's roads looking around the beautiful houses and monuments. We started walking to the old port while talking about thousands of different topic (was…Read more Diary Winter Interrail: Day 2 Copenaghen

Diary Winter Interrail: Day 1

Let's start this diary, we are on the road or better on the trail. Wake up at 4 am to take the train is never easy, but the excitment, beacause I can't call it n another way, is so much that basically didn't allow me to sleep. Ahead of me there is a complete day…Read more Diary Winter Interrail: Day 1