Winter Interrail 2017: Day 7

Waking up in Abisko was a bit dramatic, the cold from the night before was still in my body and the hours of sleep were not a lot. We packed again ready to leave with the train at 12.30 and after a fast breakfast we went again to the touristation where we walked around looking for the…Read more Winter Interrail 2017: Day 7

Winter Interrail 2017: Day 6 Abisko

Before coming here I have never heard about this little village, but reached its small station or better the two tracks that compose the station with a small building with a couple of chairs where to wait the trains. The only thing that was abundant was the snow, everywhere was white, nice and shiny that…Read more Winter Interrail 2017: Day 6 Abisko

Winter Interrail 2017: Day 5/6

  We left the hostel with the bags in the afternoon ready to catch a 16 hour train to reach Abisko, that for who doesn't know is a small village in the North Sweden in Lapland on the "Arctic polar trail". The train was an old train a bit uncomfortable divided in comparts were we were sat with…Read more Winter Interrail 2017: Day 5/6